Artists of Today & Tomorrow Exhibition 2023

Geedon Gallery Autumn Exhibition

14th – 19th October, continuing to 15th December by appointment.

The Geedon Gallery mounts two major exhibitions a year in the Spring and Autumn.mounts two major exhibitions a year in the Spring and Autumn. The gallery specialises in the promotion of 20th and 21st Century modern British artists and sculptors of national and international repute, and is situated in an idyllic location overlooking the Geedon Creek.


Geedon Gallery, Jaggers, Fingringhoe, Colchester, Essex, CO5 7DN

Open daily 11 am – 5.30 pm. 


Gallery: 01206 728587
Jacqueline Wolfers: 01206 729334 or 07901 918046

I am exhibiting a group of three still life paintings: Andy’s Pile of Books , Cup and Books and Davenport Teacup

Exhibiting Artists:

  • Hashim Akib
  • Richard Allen SWA
  • Marie  Antoniou
  • Debbie  Ayles
  • Sue Campion RBA
  • Dinah Case
  • Roy Connolly
  • Mick Davies PRBA
  • Mandy Dearsley
  • Alexander Debenham
  • Brin Edwards SWA
  • Janet French
  • Margaret Glass PS
  • Maggi  Hambling CBE
  • Ian Hargreaves
  • Colin Hayes
  • Simon  Hurst
  • Olwen Jones RWS RE
  • Andrew King ROI
  • Jill Leman PRWS RBA
  • Martin Leman RBA
  • Jenny Mace
  • Alistair Mackinson
  • Lucy Marks ARWS
  • Michael Middleton RWS RE
  • Sarah Milne
  • Paul  Newland NEAC
  • Douglas Page
  • Richard  Pikesley NEAC RWS
  • Michael  Smee
  • Nicola Smee
  • Richard Sorrell NEAC PPRWS
  • Sarah  Spencer PVPNEAC
  • Ruth Stage NEAC
  • Oliver  Stewart
  • Jacqueline Taber RBA
  • A Lincoln  Taber
  • John Tookey PS
  • Anthony Yates RBA
  • Nat  Young